The Cinema and Public Library

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Opposite the studios was the Studio 70 cinema. This was originally built as "The Studio" in 1936 (and was identical in design to The Studio - later The Orion - cinema in Hassocks, West Sussex), but was modernised in 1966, and reopened as "The Studio 70". It was described at the time as "Hertfordshire's Most Luxurious cinema" and its impressive facade was featured in the opening sequences of Barney where Tiger meets the street musician, and was partially viewed in one of the chase sequences in Tiger Takes Off. This vast 710-seat cinema was sadly demolished in the 1981 when the British film industry was in decline, and it is sadly ironic that a town which was built on the reputation of the British film industry should be left without its own cinema. I found a picture in a history of Hertfordshire's cinemas (see pic 26), which shows the building viewed from the roundabout. In its place today stands a somewhat less-attractive office block (see pic 26a).

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A little further on from here along Elstree Way is the towns tiny public library. Not an important location it was briefly shown in Tiger Takes Off when Brain's summons a meeting and a carrier pigeon enters the premises to alert Scooper, Billie and Sticks (see pic 27). Although small, the library does have a local history section and I spent a good while browsing through old books familiarising myself with the local area. I waited around in hope that some members of the gang might pop in, but I waited in vain...

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