The Opening Titles

Just for the record the opening titles of each show features the gang on top of their open top bus being driven past different London landmarks. This was of course achieved by having the same film clip of the gang superimposed on top of a one of four different back projection sequences. Although the remainder of the opening titles was always the same, this part varied, as follows:

The Houses Of Parliament and Westminster Bridge (Tiger Takes Off, The Case Of The Missing Doughnut, Get A Movie On, Man's Best Friend) Buckingham Palace (Starstruck, Happy Haunting, Summer Camp, Barney) Tower Bridge (The Pop Singer, Scooper Strikes Out, Robbie The Robot, A Helping Hound) Whitehall (The Go Karters, Invaders From Space, United We Stand, Up To Scratch, A Hit For A Miss)

Whether or not these were specially created for the series is not known, but interestingly this is the only time the gang are seen in the bus when it is actually moving (who is supposed to be driving?).

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