Go For A Take

Like The Double Deckers the 1972 movie "Go For A Take" was also directed by Harry Booth and includes an in-joke reference to the series, which was still broadcast on the BBC at the time of the movies' release. The movie (which starred Reg Varney and Norman Rossington) featured Debbie Russ in a cameo as Tiger in two sequences as well as Melvyn Hayes, John Clive, Jack Haig, Lauri Lupino-Lane, Michael Sharvell-Martin and Bob Todd, who all appeared in The Double Deckers, so it is something of a reunion. However it was actually filmed at Pinewood Studios in Middlessex, and not at The Elstree Studios. Pinewood's distinctive entrance is shown in the closing credits of the film and most of the locations were filmed either in the studios' grounds or in the Iver Heath/Uxbridge area, and not Borehamwood.

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