Unidentified Locations

There were also a few locations which I have been unable to find, as follows. If anyone has any information about these please send in details and I will be glad to include them:

pic 56
The line path used in Star Struck along which the dog gets into the studio grounds, and the outdoor film lots with Bob Todd as director. Were these all part of the studios or at some other location? (see pic 56).

The playground and basement parking area glimpsed in the promotional film for Planet 7 in Invaders From Space.

pic 57
The establishing shot of house the gang are working on in A Helping Hound (remember it was the Associated British Studios cottage which they used for the close ups - see pic 57).

pic 58
The alley way in which Tiger hides in A Helping Hound (see pic 58).

pic 59
The house belonging to the Snowflake's owner in A Helping Hound (see pic 59).

pic 60
The farm yard Spring and the cop drive into in The Go Karters (possibly Church Farm, Aldenham) See pic 60. Also the various country roads and lanes they travel along (some are possibly Aldenham Road and Dagger Lane).

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